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Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have agreed to become a party to and legally bound by these terms and conditions.

The agent, owner, developer or builder (further referred to as the client) must be present at the scheduled time of the photography session unless otherwise arranged with Sunlight Home Photos. (Further referred to as photographer)

The photographer will photograph the home or property as-is. That is, we will not move, straighten or dust objects, open or shut windows or doors or stage in any way. The photographer will, however, adjust lighting or blinds if it results in a better image. We will select the best images to present to the client and reserves the right to select images based on composition, visual appeal, angle, lighting, etc.

Virtual tours, slideshows and single property websites are only posted to the internet when all necessary information is provided. This may include realtors’ email, web address, office address, applicable phone numbers, MLS number, asking price, property address, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms or any other information. Sunlight Home Photos is not responsible for any delays that are the result of missing or incorrect information.

Once a virtual tour, slideshow or website is processed, the client will be provided with a link to the tour. The URL can be inserted into any website or email for the marketing purposes of that property, for the life of the original listing. The virtual tour, slideshow or website will remain active for one year after the tour is created. Sunlight Home Photos may charge an annual fee (upon client notification) for any tour that requires additional hosting.

All rights to the photographs are owned by Nancy O’Brien Sunlight Photos, LLC and is entitled to all the commercial rights to the photographs (apart from the rights to protected buildings, works of art, objects or registered trademarks appearing on the photographs). 

The granting of usage rights does not imply a transfer of ownership. The photographs are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Therefore, you are under the obligation to use the photographs like any other protected material. Any representation or reproduction other than the marketing of the property photographed, complete or partial carried out without the consent of Nancy O’Brien Sunlight Photos, LLC can be considered a copyright violation. Nancy O’Brien Sunlight Photos, LLC retains the right to use any and all images.

Licensing Usage Rights to ClientThis usage rights allows the agent/client to use the images for the sole purpose of marketing the property. Once the listing expires or is sold, Agent must not use the images for any other purpose then marketing of themselves.

License is NON-Transferable.
Images may not be altered or edited in any way other than stated here. Images are to remain in the original form as they are received by the client. Client may resize the image to meet software sizing requirements or crop the image as necessary and add text to photos for marketing purposes.

Should you have any questions please contact Nancy O’Brien at 850.544.4080.